When concept is questionable
When concept is questionable
When concept is questionable use the first aid kit; 2012.; art installation; (53 boxes)x15x15. Installation view, Gallery for the Young Artist “MCUT”, Novi Sad, Serbia.

When concept is questionable use the first aid kit

When concept is questionable use the first aid kit" is a three-dimensional work set in space. Three-dimensional space is usually considered as an experiential physical space, and I use it to describe a concrete human world. The work consists of fifty-two black boxes and one white. Fifty-two black boxes are accompanied by the text that complements the existing building, creating a series that builds a map of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With mapping, this work shows the containment of the area, and visually highlights, the absurdity and nothingness. "Black box" as a concept in science means something unknown, and is used in case of an accident to determine the cause of the accident. Therefore, the work criticizes a shell that has become a reality, and wants to move from close - mindedness to open-mindedness, and not go in the opposite direction. On top of the white box I painted the Red Cross, the symbol of first aid in the conceptual point of view, which symbolizes a light spot. The international community precisely imposed that white box to us in the form of the High Representative, whose primary purpose is to control the decisions of the BiH institutions for the purpose of reconciliation of the differences that make up a country, and to meet the rights of all three constituent people (Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks). "The war in Bosnia, according to the West is generally regarded as a civil war or tribal blood feud, a product of centuries of hostility between Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks. In the press, politicians and political commentators' statements, the conflict has been described as a "typical" Balkan earthquake that can't be understood and even less mediated or settled by any international intervention." "When the concept is questionable use first aid kit" talks about the cultural and political context, their interrelationship, and from the beginning, it perceives through signs that inform the viewer about the state of the world where it comes from, and criticizes the state of the environment in which the certain political philosophy is imposed. It raises questions of visibility and invisibility of certain policies within the system of art, and examines its own identity. I used a textual practice of conceptual art, where the text is the element of work that builds a map, and they together indicate identity, idea and social situation. “When concept is questionable use the first aid kit" talks about the state of mind of the artist at the moment of artistic creation, and also focuses on the logical analysis of the reality around him.

Where logic ends, arises Bosnia

When I worked on the concept "When concept is questionable use the first aid kit" , quite by accident I came out and found a lot of boxes. I saw a link with the idea that I'm doing and decided to take advantage of the moment and write a text. The room in which I reacted is half abandoned, decaying and otherwise is one of the largest abandoned spaces in my city. With a little bit of funds to provide employment to someone or something else that place could be revitalized, but logic in BiH is obviously not going in that direction.

Where logic ends arises Bosnia; 2012.; interventions in space; 200 x 200 cm; Installation view, Brod ,BiH.