Was ist princip
WAS IST PRINCIP-Collateral damage; 2014.; art installation; 200 x 80x 3cm.Installation view, BL ART Fest, ”Incel” Social and, collective exhibition, Banja Luka, RS, BiH.

Was ist Princip

What is Princip – a collateral damage is an art installation which represents a mousetrap. It's a specialized type of trap primarily designed for catching mice, but not in this case. Mousetrap dimensions 2m x 0.8m symbolically represents a mousetrap for humans. To be able to use the mousetrap you have to have an appropriate bait. The bait in this mousetrap is Franc Ferdinand, who was shot by Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo. Franc Ferdinand was a passionate hunter, documents say that he killed over 100000 animals, including an Albino mountain goat. According to the legend if you kill Albino mountain goat you will die in a year. In this case, Franc Ferdinand is shown as an Albino mountain goat and he serves as a bait because his murder was staged. While Gavrilo Princip became a collateral damage, who served as only one link in the chain that started World war I, but not the starter itself.