Time is money! 12cm x 2cm x 0,5cm

Time is money, Crisis

Bluff pictures, acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 50cm

Bluff pictures, Crisis
Crisis, (Time is money – 12 x 2 x 0,5cm; Bluff pictures – 100 x 50 cm; Border – 20 x 20cm); 2015; mix media. Installation view, KPZ Cultural and educational community, collective exhibition, Ožaci, Serbia.


Crisis is a work which consists of 3 parts, which are shown in the form of Mix media. First part represents economic crisis ironically titled "The time is money". The second part represents an image of a visual appearance of two different Hungarian playing cards (numbered 7 and 8, which are also the worst cards you can have). It shows the position of the migrants while trying to cross the Hungarian border, because it was sealed for them and it was their favorite way of going into European Union and further to the west, usually to Germany. It is also titled "Bluff" because it represents the artist's crisis due to his inability to sell anything, which he tries to mask by bluffing. And the final part is the wire which occurs as an intervention inside the gallery. All three can be seen as an individual piece, but when pieced together they form a project about crisis, global crisis, as much as, personal crisis.