Context (art 213-war, martyr, chartism, partner, map); 2012.; mix media; (25 x 25) x 5 cm; Installation view, Gallery for the Young Artist “MCUT”, Novi Sad, Serbia.


Context is the work consists of five objects (art 213 – war, martyr-order, chartism - voice, partner- naive optimism, map - box) that present position of art and identity of an artist. Each of the objects has the same grounds, the English word ART, which also represents their relationship. "The words are associated with the external world of things and objects. It is important to note that one character or text has no meaning in itself, but meaning is acquired by referring to other texts or characters. However, it doesn't matter about characters that refer to themselves, or the content that they refer. What is the matter is the relationship of all these different components together.