Licna karta
A. C. F. N.
A.C.F.N. (Artist, C,ulture, Freedom, Nationality); 2012.; mix media; 15 x 7 x 2 cm; Installation view, Gallery for the Young Artist“MCUT”, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Artist. Culture. Freedom. Nationality.

ACFN (Artist, Culture, Freedom, Nationality) are ironical words that follow the painting, visually represented as an ID. It deals with the personal identity which transforms into the identity of the environment. Therefore, it deals with the isolation of artists in the society. Artist is persona non grata (undesirable), because basic life forms are not honored, one of them being the culture. Art can't progress without culture. Its position is isolated, it doesn't have any support. Artist without support functions only within borders of a certain country, he doesn't have necessary freedom and he can only wait to be punished. The piece criticizes society by using resources that serve to show absurdity, where the situation itself creates an indignation.